Alright, alright… it’s been a while. I get it.

MF’er! There is no apologizing for the lack of updates, but here goes… It has been a week of major computer issues which led to a reformat which led to forgetting to back up iTunes which led to losing all song ratings, play counts and such. Luckily we didn’t lose the library!

If you ever have similar problems check out the highly recommended CopyTrans software! For $20 it pulled all the data off an iPod and gave a complete backup of all the lost data. For a 20,000 song collection it did take about 12 hours though.

Anyway… we are back and there has been a lot of news since the last post… who isn’t releasing an album this year?!

Check back tomorrow for new singles from The Streets, Kings of Leon, Autolux, and whatever else we dig up.

The next podcast is also in the works…