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Kings of Leon have a new album called Only By The Night, it’s coming out September 22 and the first single is going to be called Sex on Fire. The band has released one song from the album which you can grab below. According to Caleb (the singer) he popped a bunch of pain pills one night after a fist fight with his brother Nathan (the drummer) and the pills greatly enhanced his lyrics and allowed him to write “the best songs of [his] career.”

  •       Kings of Leon - Crawl

Autolux released one of the best albums of 2004 with Future Perfect. Though there’s no release date set yet for Transit Transit rumor has it that it will be released sometime in 2008.

  •       Autolux - Audience No. 2

LivingEars doesn’t focus too much on hip hop but we are down with anything interesting. The Streets blew our mind with 2004’s A Grand Don’t Come For Free… the album sold over 3 million copies and has stayed in rotation. 2006’s The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living on the other hand was an enormous dissapointment. It just didn’t live up to the expectations set by A Grand… The Hardest Way has only sold 567K albums since its release. I guess we weren’t the only ones not down with it. The Streets have their fourth album coming out later this year, it’s called Everything is Borrowed and the truth is expectations are low. Mike has stated he made a promise to himself not to reference modern life in any way on the album. Sounds like he just wants to continue to rebel against what made A Grand so great in the first place. The news isn’t all bad however, Mike has stated that the fifth Streets album will be the last, it will be called Computers and Blues and that it will contain no samples, only live musicians. He said it won’t be out for two years but hell, what else have we got to do but wait? For now you can enjoy the first single from Everything is Borrowed below.

  •       The Streets - The Escapist

Jay-Z performed a new Kanye produced song this week on stage with Mr. West himself. By proclaiming “Carter 3” at the end of the song there has been a lot of buzz around this all week. So below we offer what may be the first track to come off the new Jay-Z record. Check it out.

  •       Jay-Z - Jockin Jay-Z