An Evening With Jim James, M. Ward, & Conor Oberst

February 20, 2004, Pantages Theatre – Minneapolis, MN

M. Ward, fine. Jim James, cool. Conor Oberst, inspired and inspiring.
This whole show is pretty good overall, it feels very intimate and personal and the recording is quite nice if a little quiet. Good is good but the Conor Oberst solo stuff is something else, something special, something great.

Typically the live versions of the songs from I’m Wide Awake feel like they are missing something because they are, Emmylou Harris. This performance is not lacking and just might feature the best version of One Foot In Front of the Other ever recorded.

So, take a listen to this gem, if you like it check out the rest of the show which is featured for free download over at AnAquariumDrunkard.

  •       Conor Oberst - One Foot In Front of the Other
If you like this show let me know, I have a ton of Bright Eyes/C. Oberst bootlegs, one of my favorites is from the 400 Bar about a year in advance of his last self-titled release. Stripped down versions of those songs sounded even more pretty than the eventual album recordings.