Titus Andronicus – Absolute Zero

(Vid via P4K TV)

Titus Andronicus have made a tour video! I’m not exactly sure what the plans are here; there is a one minute trailer version floating around so I’m not sure if this is the entire video or if they are going to be putting out something even more in depth than this. I certainly hope so because this video goes from Denver to San Fran and skips the once-in-a-lifetime-because-I-was-the-sole-attendee show that I got to witness. I don’t remember the band breaking out the vid cam that night though so there probably isn’t any footaget. There is a pretty great segment in this video where the band breaks into Phantom Planet’s California.

The last line in the vid mentions another video that follows the band on their No Age tour. So maybe there is a series of these coming??? I’ll keep you posted if you promise to do the same for me.


  1. A-Trak says:

    It will indeed be an ongoing series. Look for episode 2 in March!

  2. LiquidHeaven says:


    Is this something you are helping put together or do you just have some info?

    If you are involved throw me on your mailing list.


    Thanks for the info.