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The band is Wavves, the album is Wavvves and you will probably hate both.

I’ve been into Wavves for a couple of months now and since discovering them (mostly just a him, San Diego’s Nathan Williams) I have been able to find at least a couple of new songs each week. The songs are coated with such a thick sludge of distortion that it takes multiple listens to catch what is really happening at the base of it all. Each listen exposes a little bit more of the wonderfully crafted songs underneath but most people won’t be able to make it that far. Most people will disregard these songs and this band. Most people will hate this music. Don’t be that person.

This music is awesome and passionate and is worth taking the time to understand. Give it a shot. If you still hate it go check out No Age (which I have featured here many times), Wavves are what I would consider the next logical step in the lo-fi droney fuzz punk that No Age are currently pioneering.
When Pitchfork gives this album an 8.4 you can tell your friends you heard it here first and isn’t that what this blog thing is all about?
  •       Wavves - Teenage Super Party
  •       Wavves - Side Yr On
  • Wavves: February 6, 2009 Market Hotel.zip
    (Full Show Courtesy of nyctaper, later removed at the request of nyctaper)

No Age’s album Nouns clocks is at just under 31 minutes. I cannot name another album that packs so much emotion, raw energy and beauty into such a short amount of time. Every damn song is moving. Errand Boy has been a particular favorite of mine since the beginning. The band works in slowly before destroying the song and leaving it hanging by a thread until eventually fading out entirely. It’s fucking perfect.

“With Passion It’s True.”

No Age are going to be one of the most important bands in rock. As I said in my last podcast, I believe No Age have the potential to impact rock music in a way similar to Nirvana. This band is doing something new and exciting and once they write music that is slightly more accessible the mainstream will catch on. Just.You.Wait.

  •       No Age - Errand Boy
  •       No Age - Teen Creeps
  •       No Age - Sleeper Hold


  1. Tina says:

    Cool 🙂

  2. nyctaper says:

    You don’t have permission to post an entire show from nyctaper. And there was no “courtesy”, since you never asked and have not returned my email.

  3. Allen says:

    The Sleeper Hold is a great song. Good call.

  4. LiquidHeaven says:

    Thanks Algar… that is one of my favorite albums for sure.

    You should check out podcast volume six, the best of year. I don’t like my spots that much but the music is pretty representative of the stuff i cover here. I think there is some stuff in there you would like. Have you heard fucked up? You’d like those guys, they are like the modern day Refused… just doing totally new stuff.

    I’m into it for sure.

    If you’ve got some good stuff send it my way…