Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz! mp3s!!

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I blog therefore I am.

I received a notice from the IFPI which I have posted in the comments. I really have no idea why they would report this post to Blogger. The two mp3’s I featured below are widely available on, hype machine, pitchfork etc… This album leaked yesterday but I am not a leak blog. I did not post the full album nor will I ever. I respect the artists I feature here. I hope that you enjoy the music featured and support these artists. Go to a concert, buy a shirt or an album and do whatever it is you do to support music. In additional to monetary support I blog. I do this for the love of music and I am a little annoyed to get reported for offering those mp3s.

I recently wrote about the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album It’s Blitz! (exclamation included!) but at that time there wasn’t any music to share. Well trusty readers, that has changed!

  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero (Link Removed at Request of IFPI)

    I am going to include another song in my next podcast (which should be up this week) so I don’t want to go too in depth on my thoughts on the album as a whole just yet but until LivingEars Volume Seven hits the net you can check out the first single (for which that great artwork above comes from) called Zero, and another download that is floating around called Heads Will Roll. Zero I dig, Heads Will Roll isn’t as exciting.

That right there is the excellent cover for the album. Oh, and just in case you were scratching your head after listening to those two songs, this album is different.

  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (Link Removed at Request of IFPI)


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    It looks like this post might end up deleted, here is the notice I received:

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