Covers that don’t suck!

I could probably call this a covers playlist seeing that I have a ton of them to share. Just hit play and let it run…

      The Bad Plus - Comfortably Numb
(Pink Floyd Cover)
      Ryan Adams - Times Like These
(Foo Fighters Cover)
      Amanda Palmer - Creep
(Radiohead Cover)
      Port O'Brien - Something in the Way
(Nirvana Cover)
      Daniel Rossen - Too Little Too Late
(Jojo Cover)
      The Kooks - Kids
(MGMT Cover)
      Fall Out Boy - Love Lockdown
(Kanye West Cover)
      Friendly Fires - I'm Good I'm Gone
(Lykke Li Cover)
      NightWaves - In the Air Tonight
(Phil Collins Cover)
      We Have Band - West End Girls
(Pet Shop Boys Cover)
      Starfucker - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
(Cyndi Lauper Cover)
      Katy Perry - Electric Feel
(MGMT Cover)


  1. Allen says:

    Wow, that Comfortably Numb cover blew my fucking head off. I’ve never heard that song covered well before now. Good stuff.

  2. LiquidHeaven says:

    Yeah man it is really good, that’s why i stuck it at the top. I’ve wanted to use that for a while just haven’t had a good place/post.

    The Bad Plus are a good jazz group if you like the sound of that cover. They do a couple of covers on each album, only their latest has any vocals, before they were all instrumental.

  3. andres says:

    love the MGMT’s covers!! you should post: Karen Souza – Creep (cover),
    best creep covers of all!