Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

I know 1901 has been posted everywhere but the song is really great and I want to make sure you’ve heard it.
Love Like a Sunset is one of my favorites from the album; these long sunny songs are right up my alley.
Too Young is from the Lost In Translation soundtrack (possible my favorite film ever, def top 5).
  •       Phoenix - 1901
  •       Phoenix - Love Like a Sunset
  •       Phoenix - Too Young


  1. Kelsi says:


  2. EH says:

    If you like Phoenix at all you really have to watch this new video, it is so f%$king hilarious!

  3. LiquidHeaven says:

    EH, I watched the vid… the best part was the review a few comments below:

    masquerading as a homo-erotic amateur fan homage to french pop rock outfit phoenix, this conceptual piece delivers a provocative meditation on the existential human condition through the travails of an everyman protagonist who attempts, but ultimately fails, to find lasting fulfillment by projecting himself into a delusional world in which he appropriates the conventional mannerisms and fashion sensibilities of an emotionally accessible musical performer

    a stunning tour de force by any measure.