Quick Blogcation

Just wanted to take a second to provide a site update and to let y’all know I’m taking a week vacation so there won’t be any updates for a couple days.

I launched this site in June 08 and it took a few months to get off the ground, in December I was getting about 50 visitors per day on a good day. Well, in the last 30 days we’ve had over 12,000 peeps check the site out, I’m getting a bunch of submissions from many of you who want your songs featured and I’m super stoked on what’s coming soon. It’s cool to be part of something like this and it’s feeling more and more interactive which is really the direction I’d love to see this thing go.
In addition to the usual mp3s, music vids and podcasts I am going to start posting live videos –probably mostly concerts until I can think of other worthwhile vids. If you have any ideas on that let me know! Maybe I’ll break into vidcasts… just bought a flip mino HD last night…
Additionally, earlier today I was offered a job as a host on UtahFM.org. It’s looking like I’ll be taking control of the airwaves every Saturday 9PM to 10:30. The format will be whatever I want so I will keep y’all posted as that gets closer. I believe the first show will be April 25.
I promise to get another podcast together shortly after the vacay!
Thanks again for checking us out…