Gang Gang Dance

Gang Gang Dance are not a new band, and House Jam is not a new song (2k8) but this new remix they have put together is really different. Actually, everything these guys (and gals) do is very different.

Check out the ‘single’ from their most recent album, Saint Dymphna, a couple of remixes and that new Velvet remix I was on about…
      The Big Pink - Velvet (Gang Gang Dance Remix)

      Gang Gang Dance - House Jam
      Gang Gang Dance - House Jam (Hot Chip Remix)
      Gang Gang Dance - House Jam (xxxchange Remix)


  1. roygbiv says:

    I adored Saint Dymphna and still do, House Jam is a fav of mine. These are some sweet remixes, although I slightly prefer the Hot Chip remix, xxxchange does have a good go at it as well. Nice post.

    matt of

  2. LiquidHeaven says:

    Thanks man, I’m into that Big Pink remix, it’s really different. Good stuff.