Girls – Album

“The reason bands try to avoid spending an interview talking about prescription drugs is because it distracts from the music. But the music of Girls is too beautiful to ignore. The melodies are pure California pop, the lyrics as simple and affecting as those of Spiritualized’s Jason Pierce (of whom White and Owens are big fans). Full of tales of heartbreak and friendship, Girls‘ debut album, Album, comes across like a lo-fi Pet Sounds. It has an innocence that countless bands try to capture, a sense of childlike otherwordliness.”

Excerpt taken from a great new interview in The Guardian UK. The rest of the article goes on to talk about growing up in a cult, drugs, a millionaire mentor, Fleetwood Mac and a lot more drugs. Highly recommended reading.

Girls – Hellhole Ratrace (new remastered version)
Girls – Solitude (B-Side)