Girls – Live in Salt Lake City

These are some videos I shot of the live Salt Lake City debut of Girls.

Before the actual show the band did an in-store at Slowtrain Records These videos are from that.

These are from the actual show at Urban Lounge later that evening:

Before launching into “Lust for Life” the band began with “All I Have to do is Dream,” a song most know as an Everly Brothers original though it was actually written by husband wife duo Felice and Boudleaux Bryant (according to the all knowing wikipedia).

“Carolina” was a personal highlight as back in 2008 when “Hellhole Ratrace” was on constant repeat there was only another song or two from Girls available in any form. The band had only had a handful of performances and youtube clips were difficult to come by. Even now it looks like the only version of “Carolina” on YouTube was from the 2008 Midi Fest. This is the same video I was jamming to way back then. I’m excited to have another version to share. I’m not sure if they’ve been playing this one every night on tour or not but it’s definitely worth sticking around for the encore. I hope this ends up being released as a b-side on an upcoming single.

Then after the show I whipped out my Flipcam and asked The Magic Kids a hard hitting question or two. **UPDATE 02/16/10** Apparently Bennet is not a fan of this video and wishes to rescind his comments and appearance. He just called and asked I take it down. “I don’t want my grandma to see it and she’s way more computer literate than I am.” He has agreed to do another interview, maybe down in Austin a few weeks from now. It’s tough to be in a band when you’re worried about your grandma but hey, removing it seems like the right thing to do.