Jamie xx for Annie Mac

(photo via crxshing)

Last Friday on BBC1 Annie Mac debuted a new mini-mix curated by Jamie from The xx. I’ve posted a couple of these mini-mixes here before, it’s kind of bewildering how someone can cram 20 tracks (tracklist in comments) into a 5 minute mix but that’s what these are about and the results here are pretty great.

      Jamie xx Mini Mix for Annie Mac

Due to the amount of well-done but low bitrate remixes making the rounds lately rumors have started swirling about a remix album featuring The xx. There is also supposedly a remix album from The xx in the works. The group is taking on Gil Scott-Heron’s latest, I’m New Here.

So maybe we are slowly piecing this thing together…

      The xx - Islands (Nosaj Thing Remix)

      The xx - Islands (FaltyDL Remix)

      The xx - VCR (Matthew Dear Remix)