Javelin made a splash in 2009 with the track “Vibrationz.” It was featured on an odds and ends type of album that felt more like ideas rather than fleshed out songs. In fact the album was called Jamz n Jemz, a title that sounds very much like a collection of things.

Well the band is back and it turns out they included a more complete version of “Vibrationz” on their upcoming album No Mas. I can’t post that version yet but you can hear the original along with another goodie “Lindsay Brohan” and my personal fave from J&J, STD Fury.

      Javelin - Vibrationz

      Javelin - Lindsay Brohan

      Javelin - STD Fury

As a lil bonus, even though these are not new, there are a couple of mixes I’ve had for a while that are an excellent entrée to the band. These mixes of island and oceanic sounds help to show where the band gets its inspiration.

      Javelin - Andean Ocean Mixtape

      Javelin - World MIDI Classics Vol 2

If you like what you hear you can purchase a post Jamz n Jemz EP on vinyl from some guy on Amazon but hurry there’s only one left.
Or you can preorder No Mas on CD or Vinyl.