LivingEars 2009: 3 Mixes

These are my 3 three favorite mixes of the year.


      The xx - FACT Mix 70

The xx put together 30 minutes of mostly dark and moody sounds for the UK’s FACT Magazine back in July. The mix peaks with John Forde’s “Star Dance” which comes in at the 19:00 mark.


      The Twelves - The Twelfth Hour

The Twelves are a duo who dropped a couple of my favorite remixes of the year with their take on Fever Ray’s “Seven” and especially with Noah & The Whale’s “Blue Skies.” From the moment this mix starts it truly never lets up. There aren’t many tempo changes in here but if you want something that will keep you moving for a solid 60 minutes it doesn’t get better than this. My favorite part of the mix comes early… at 3:20 Daft Punk’s “Da Funk” is put into the back of the mix then at 4:23 the bass line drops on top of DJ Agent 86’s “Wavestate” to earth shaking results.

1. Phaseone – White Collar Crime (zip)

Phaseone dropped a handful of individual remixes throughout the year gaining attention mostly for his rework of Animal Collective’s “Daily Routine.” Eventually he wrapped them into a single remix album of sorts. While I am a sucker for the echo’y hand claps in “Daily Routine” this mix really hits its stride with tracks 12 & 13, “Panda Jawn” and “Villain Jawn.” I haven’t heard a mix all year with as much variety and excellence in execution. I’m looking forward to an album of originals via Lefse records in 2010.