LivingEars Limelight: Four Tet

Four Tet - There is Love in You

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The best new song I heard this week is “She Just Likes to Fight” by Four Tet.

“She Just Likes to Fight” is the 4 and a half minute instrumental closer to Four Tet’s new album There is Love in You. The song is a bright spot on an already gorgeous album. A simple, programmed kick drum begins before chimes and light percussion tinker about as a slightly reverberated guitar lifts the song (and likely your spirits) to its ultimate crescendo. These elements are sporadically supported by a minimal amount of electronics that add more to the atmosphere than to the direction of the song itself. Do not mistake restraint for simplicity; the song avoids joy and elation in favor of contentment and comfort and in doing so ends up with much greater depth and dimension. The sound is refreshing and natural in a way few electronic artists have been before.

A song like this allows the listener to paint their own picture and while I thought my view was unique, one YouTube commenter expressed an identical sentiment: “I like to think of it like this piece of music is a language I don’t speak, and yet, I understand it perfectly; without any trouble.” Whatever picture you paint, just sit back and enjoy listening to a true artist at work.

Mixes well with » Sunshine, Apparat, Aphex Twin