Imagine for a second that Dayve from Memory Tapes and Victoria from Beach House get together and whip up a cover of Grizzly Bear’s “Foreground.” That sounds incredible, right? Well wipe that away because I’m just making it up. And, Victoria already guests on the original “Foreground” so that wouldn’t be that outrageous.

Listening to this cover from Canada’s Memoryhouse you get the feeling however that you are listening to one of the next up and coming bands in 2009’s greatest movement: Chillwave. For further proof check out the duo’s excellent original, “To the Lighthouse.”

I also quite like the song “Lately” which can be found on the groups MySpace. I asked for a copy but was told the track is going to be a b-side to a digital single in January. Looking forward to it…

      Memoryhouse - Foreground
(Grizzly Bear Cover)
      Memory House - To the Lighthouse