Back in November I played a track called “The Choice” by Rory Kane. Turns out the name of the group is actually Nika+Rory and thanks to the always excellent No Conclusion we have a bit of info:

Rory Kane a.k.a. Nick Turco is a member of Zola Jesus’ live band and he got Zola Jesus a.k.a. Nika Roza Danilova to sing on his new song LA SUXXX (The Choice).

So, I had the group and track name both wrong. Sorry about that. Either way, the song kills (barely missed my faves of 2k9). And as it were the group has released a second song.

      Nika+Rory - The Choice (LA SUXXX)

      Nika+Rory - I'm Not Going Anywhere

Also, a fan has made a video for the track.