One of the best albums of the year: The xx

One of the most interesting and best things I’ve heard all year just came to me a week ago. The xx have created one of the most understated, beautiful and totally moving albums I have heard in a long time.

The debut single from the band, “Crystalised” has received copious amounts of press from NPR, Guardian, the nme and many others. Crystalised is an album highlight along with VCR, Shelter, Infinity… basically of the first 7 tracks only “Islands” is a bit of a lull and even it is good.

      The xx - Crystalised

I can guarantee this album will be on my, and many of my blog-brethern’s, best of year lists. This is an album that is near impeccable, beginning to end. The one misstep for me is Basic Space which unfortunately is being released as the second single. The song does nothing for me, I hope others do not feel this way because it’s really not a good entree to The xx. Since it’s a single you can count on many remixes…

      The xx - Basic Space

      The xx - Basic Space (M.A.T.H.E.S Remix)
(aka Micachu)
      The xx - Basic Space (Pariah Remix)

The U.K.’s FACT Magazine (go there for the tracklisting) commissioned the group to curate the latest edition of their mix series. This 30 minute set showcases some really great artists and provides a little window into The xx’s influences and contemporaries.

      The xx - FACT Mix 70