Real Estate – p4k’s latest ‘rising’

Just saw ‘the pitchfork’ has a new feature up called ‘rising’ where they are featuring Real Estate. You might remember these guys from our Summer09 Mix.

Here’s what they had to say:
New Jersey indie poppers Real Estate have plenty of connections to the scrappy lo-fi scene: they’ve released music on Underwater Peoples and are recording their debut LP for Woodsist, they’re led by former Titus Andronicus member Martin Courtney, and guitarist Matt Mondanile also records as Ducktails. But perhaps more than most of the artists in their immediate circle, Real Estate specialize in hazy, shimmery summertime pop music. Rather than using tape hiss as a punk affectation, Real Estate’s muffled sound lends their songs a dreamy, faraway oldies radio feeling. Their songs don’t bash, they unwind gently.

I featured my favorite on the Summer Mix:

      Real Estate - Green River

Here are the five from the EP, “Beach Comber” being my favorite:

      Real Estate - Atlantic City

      Real Estate - Beach Comber

      Real Estate - Pool Swimmers

      Real Estate - Suburban Dogs

      Real Estate - Saturday Morning

And one extra just for fun:

      Real Estate - Black Lake