How many times have you been at a concert and are completely annoyed by all the cigarette smoke? Or you are at a party having some drinks and you get the urge to smoke but don’t want to go sit in the cold to smoke by yourself? No matter which side of this you are on, either as a smoker or non-smoker smoking is part of your life or someone you know and again, either way, CiGRX provides an alternative that you just might find interesting.

CiGRX is a small mint-flavored lozenge that you can put in your mouth, let dissolve and swallow, anytime you have the urge to light a cigarette in situations where smoking is not allowed or is socially unacceptable.

You can take whenever you have the urge to light a cigarette – each lozenge contains as much anatabine as is found in one cigarette.

CiGRX is clinically tested and developed to help anyone in their quest to find an alternative to lighting up when they are in situations where they cannot or choose not to smoke a cigarette. CiGRX is your smoking alternative; it reduces your desire to smoke while mimicking the “feel good” satisfaction of smoking, making your choice the right choice, without consequences.

This is so much better than those electronic cigarettes that make you look like a cyber chain smoker from the future. Just pop in a CiGRX lozenge and be done with it. If you would like more information check out cigrx reviews.