LivingEars Radio 03.13.10

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This week I played a brand new track from oOoOO. Probably my favorite song of theirs and the first showcasing the bands new direction. Looking forward to more from them. Also played Zola Jesus up against Nika+Rory just to showcase two sides of the same singer. As much as I love the Zola track “The Choice” is pure pop glory. I’m so into the new Neon Indian track, one of his best yet. But my favorite two tracks of the show come back to back… the brand new Ariel Pink track is THE JAM and it sounded great up against the internet’s favorite new band, Cults. Which of those two tracks do you like more? Leave a comment and let me know… And lastly, how great is that Active Child remix of Lonely Galaxy? Probably my favorite remix of the year with Jamie xx’s remix of Tremel as a close second.

LivingEars Radio 03.13.10 Playlist

      Pictureplane - Goth Star

      Salem - Skullcrush

      oOoOO - Hearts

      Grave Babies - Gouge Your Eyes Out

      Zola Jesus - Night

      Nika+Rory - The Choice (LA SUXXX)

      Neon Indian - Sleep Paralysist

      CFCF - Big Love (Mathemagic Remix)

      Washed Out - Track 07

Pill Wonder – When I Look Back
      Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Round and Round

      Cults - Go Outside

      Best Coast - When I'm With You

      Cults - Most Wanted

Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way
      LCD Soundsystem - Oh You (Christmas Blues)

      Lonely Galaxy - Have a Heart (Active Child Remix)

jj – ecstacy
      Delorean - Seasun

No Age – Teen Creeps


      Glasser - Tremel (Jamie xx Remix)

Lonely Galaxy – Have a Heart

LCD Soundsystem – Yves Saint Laurent Fashion Show Soundtrack