SXSW2010: Active Child

One of the bands on my must see list was Active Child. I made sure to catch their first show which took place at the Beauty Bar Annex. I spoke with Pat and Stratton (who plays bass in the live show) and also recorded a couple of tracks from the audience. There were about 30 people in the audience and as you can see from the interview video we were walking through town so the band could make the next show. I was actually in an alley speaking with Titus Andronicus when I heard what I thought was Active Child. I walked down a few doors and came up behind the band playing to a HUGE audience; probably 250 people crammed into a tiny outdoor patio/stage. Pat later said that was the biggest crowd he’s played for. Unfortunately the harp was suffering some tuning issues for both these shows so Pat played guitar for a couple of the harp-y jams. Guitar totally transformed the band, they sounded more like an electro disco band than the ethereal spaced out rock I’ve come to know and love from the various MP3’s floating around. I’m told the guitar only comes out to punch up the live show when the harp is down –I think that’s for the better.

Pat confirmed they were putting out an EP with Merok this May and wasn’t sure what would be coming after that. Maybe a UK tour with White Rabbits…

On Friday I went to an NME showcase to catch Grave Babies (who were great but could benefit from a drummer in a live setting) and Active Child were playing right after them. I heard the harp was going to be in attendance so I stuck around and was treated to a really great sounding show and wonderful performance. These were a couple of great guys making great music who I absolutely believe will go a long way. Keep an eye out for that ep…

One of the recordings I took on that first day was a song I hadn’t heard before. According to Pat:
“the first song was called “take shelter”, one of the few songs from the EP that hasnt been blogged or made available for download. one of my favorites.”

      Active Child - Take Shelter (Live at SXSW)

      Active Child - When Your Love is Safe (Live at SXSW)

      Active Child - Wilderness (Live at SXSW)

And here is a roundup of the misc tracks that have been circulating since early January and beyond:

      Active Child - Voice of an Old Friend

      Active Child - Wilderness

      Active Child - Body Heat (So Far Away)

      Active Child - When Your Love is Safe

And lastly, a couple of remixes. The Lonely Galaxy remix is right up there with Jamie xx’s remix of Glasser’s “Tremel” as early contender for remix of the year so far.
      Active Child - Voice of an Old Friend (Summer Camp Bedford Falls Remix)

      Lonely Galaxy - Have a Heart (Active Child Remix)


The band’s Myspace confirms the White Rabbits tour.


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