WeReward App

Show up, check in with a picture and bam you get paid for it. It’s like a scavenger hunt except you get to eat at your favorite local restaurant, you order the food you want and the app gives you points that you can convert to cash at that restaurant. There are 15 million merchants taking part in this program right now. The average user can make $50 per week!!! Tasks usually include ordering the meal, taking a picture of it and providing a summary of what you think about the meal and the experience overall. Super fun, super simple and you can make easy cash eating at places you already know and love!

Aside from finding a $50 in a bush outside a grocery store this is probably the easiest way you can make real money and the restaurant gets some free local marketing out of the deal. Everyone wins! Whether you are a business looking to increase your local marketing initiatives or a simply someone who loves food this app will be perfect. Go check it out.

The app is available right now on iPhone and Android and will be available on Blackberry very soon.

WeReward is a mobile, location-based app that pays you for checking into places you go to everyday.