Roman Grinev Photography

Capture the magical romance of your special day with Roman Grinev Photography. Once your wedding day is over it’s the photos that remain and tie those once in a lifetime memories together. Roman Grinev Photography understands this better than most wedding photographers and takes a unique approach to your wedding day, capturing it in a documentary style that tells the personal story of the couple’s experience together.

Roman Grinev Photography is a DC Wedding Photographer.

By personally meeting with the couple the photographers not only get a list of photo requests but also a sense of the couple, their wedding party and their guests. The wedding itself is approached not as a photo opportunity but as a sacred occasion with total respect for the ceremony, the couple, the wedding party and the guests. Their documentary style approach not only gets the scripted events but focuses on spontaneous moments that become a part of the story forever, turning a traditional wedding album into a visual story. It’s those personal moments that make each wedding so special and unique.

DC Wedding Photography

Each photographer possesses professional experience in wedding photography but is also loaded with creativity that takes their wedding pictures to a new level. It’s a combination of skill developed through experience and natural artistic vision that gives their photographers a leading edge. They’re also intimately familiar with the area and have knowledge of the best angles and locations at some of the most popular venues around.

DC Wedding Photographers