LivingEars Radio 05.08.10

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Last week it was hip-hop, this week it’s hiphop influenced electronic. Great new album from Flying Lotus was a focus as well as some of the interesting tracks off the new Onra and Dosh. I caught Dosh last night here in SLC with my buddy Sky from Oh No Not Stereo.  Dosh was interesting but White Hinterland was maybe the worst live band I’ve ever seen. Such a dull performance and the sound was completely muddled. That girl either can’t sing or… I dunno.

Couple of interesting tracks from Coyote Clean Up and Incubator. That CCU track has been stuck in my head off and on for weeks, def a keeper. The Incubator track is really lovely and would be a great 4 minute track but even at 8+ it’s very good and worth a listen. My favorite out of nowhere track this week is the one from Korallreven. Such a great summer jam…

Sorry more of the show isn’t available for download. I wanted to cover these great tracks from new albums and that took precedent over the publicist supported tracks that were sent this week…

UtahFM is looking for a few good men & women to host shows. If you think you are interesting and others think you are interesting and you have an interesting idea for a show, do something about it and contact me.
LivingEars Radio 05.08.10 Playlist

Dosh – Airlift
Dosh – Country Road X

      Korallreven - The Truest Faith

Delorean – Real Love
Holy Ghost! – Static on the Wire
Ratatat – Bare Feast
Kid Cudi – Pursuit of Happiness
      Male Bonding - Year's Not Long

      Harlem - Friendly Ghost

      Thee Oh Sees - I Was Denied

Onra – Girl
Onra – Cherry (Outro)
      Coyote Clean Up - Pollution Shampoo

Onra – Tape This
      Incubator - Cigarettes

Ratatat – Bilar
Flying Lotus – Do the Astral Plane
Flying Lotus – Satellliiiteee
Flying Lotus – Table Tennis