LivingEars Radio 05.15.10

Tune into UtahFM every Saturday night 9-10:30 MDT to catch me spinning (digitally) the latest and greatest…

You can listen to a replay of the show at your convenience for the next two weeks right here.

I OFFICIALLY began my next mix. Tracklist is mostly done, going to add some samples to this one. I’ve got the source files (an old film) and need to pluck some sound bites then it’s off to mixing…

UtahFM is looking for a few good men & women to host shows. If you think you are interesting and others think you are interesting and you have an interesting idea for a show, do something about it and contact me.

LivingEars Radio 05.15.10 Playlist

LCD Soundsystem – Dance Yrself Clean
Sleigh Bells – Kids
Sleigh Bells – Run the Heart

      Active Child - When Your Love is Safe

      Gobble Gobble - Lawn Knives

      Titus Andronicus - Albert Camus
(Feats of Strength Version)
      Titus Andronicus - To Old Friends and New
(Feats of Strength Version)
      Andrew Cedermark - Moon Deluxe

      Wild Nothing - Summer Holiday

Duck Sauce – aNYway
      Treasure Fingers - What Am I Supposed to Do

The Chemical Brothers – Escape Velocity
Guido – Mad Sax
Jose James – Made for Love
Flying Lotus – …And the World Laughs With You
Sleigh Bells – Treats