ceo – white magic

ceo (lowercase is apparently important) is Eric from The Tough Alliance (TTA), one of the first bands doing that whole balearic electronic pop thing that so many artists are doing well today. jj being one of the more popular of those acts (Air France, Kendal Johansson and Memory Cassette being others –all of these bands, by the way, Eric has released on his own label, Sincerely Yours).

Everything about ceo is very sincere and feels very pure but dig a bit under the surface and you can find quite a bit of sadness and darkness within these songs. The album is called White Magic which is supposedly a metaphor for life and life is apparently the driving force behind this album. Take this excerpt from a recent Pitchfork interview (a must read):

Pitchfork: Your songs talk a lot about reality, about honesty, about finding something transcendent within yourself. “I’ve finally touched life,” you sing at one point. Any advice for the rest of us?

EB: come with me…nah just kidding.

no seriously, that’s so individual and i could talk about this for days, it’s kind of hard to conclude here. but some basic things for me are things that humanity has known since ages; to practice techniques of non-thinking, to practice love for life and forgiving for yourself and other bastards. to end bad habits and maybe talk to someone with perspective. but above all to start believing in something bigger than you but accepting you can’t understand it. and just close your eyes, let go and feel life inside your body and around. then everything else will be come naturally, then life, love or whatever you wanna call it will take care of you and work through you.

When news of ceo first hit the internet it was accompanied by a teaser video. The voice sounded like it was related to TTA. Was this a new TTA release?

      ceo - prologue

Then jj released a track called “ceo birthday” which was actually a cover of Jerimih’s track “Birthday Sex.”

      jj - ceo birthday

Shortly after, an official video was released and we learned that it was in fact one half of TTA and the project was ceo.

The album, which was made by Eric and Kendal Johansson, clocks in at less than 30 minutes over the span of 8 tracks, all of which are good, some great. After listening to the album on near constant repeat for the past week my favorite is still “come with me.”

      ceo - come with me

      Kendal Johansson - Blue Moon (Big Star Cover)

Just yesterday ceo released a non-album track:

      ceo - everything is gonna be alright

If you like any of these tracks I recommend you click on that album cover above and order the album. It’s a really great piece of art. Definitely one of the most rewarding albums of the year.


  1. Heather says:

    Just what seriously encouraged you to write “ceo – white magic | LivingEars”?
    Itruly liked it! Thank you -Effie