Cosmetics – Soft Skin


I’m not as into this track as I am “Black Leather Gloves” but I am excited to hear more from this group who are part Zola Jesus, part Siouxsie and two parts evil.

      Cosmetics - Soft Skin

      Cosmetics - Black Leather Gloves

      Cosmetics - Black Leather Gloves (Premier Rang/Cosmetics Remake)


  1. aleksandra says:

    just wanted to say, WOW! i’m impressed. i love your blog! seriously, i’d say it’s the best music blog i’ve seen, and what’s more, it matches with my music taste soo so well.
    been looking through Your posts pretty much all day long..
    thanks a lot for creating it and keep up the good work!

  2. liquidheaven says:

    luv ur steez grrl

  3. Toni says:

    WooW amazing Song!