LivingEars Radio 07.10.10

Sorry this is late but I figured better late than never!

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You can listen to a replay of the show at your convenience for the next two weeks right here.

UtahFM is looking for a few good men & women to host shows. If you think you are interesting and others think you are interesting and you have an interesting idea for a show… do something about it and contact me.

LivingEars Radio 07.10.10 Playlist

Girls – Summertime

      Dom - Living in America

Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes
      ceo - come with me

The Tough Alliance – Neo Violence
ceo – love and do what you will
      Jori Hulkkonen - I Am Dead (CFCF Remix)

      Neon Indian - Sleep Paralysist

M.I.A. – The Message
      Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Dance Remix)

      Korallreven - Loved-Up (LOLboys Remix)

The xx – Fantasy
M.I.A. – Story to be Told
Big Boi – Hustle Blood
      Delorean - Stay Close

      jj - things will never be the same again

      Cults - Oh My God

LCD Soundsystem – Home


  1. Tom says:

    Found a great music video some production company made for this song. Thought it would be good to share

  2. Eileen says:

    Have you heard Com Truise’s remix of ‘Sleep Paralysist’? It’s absolutely stunning, check it out if you have a chance:

  3. liquidheaven says:

    Yes! Finally did. Played the eyelid version last night on my show. Posting shortly