No Age – Everything in Between

Album Cover

If you asked me any time in the last two years who my favorite band is I would say No Age. When Weirdo Rippers first came out I wasn’t quite up to their speed and it mostly went over my head. By the time Nouns was released I was ready and I played that record probably more than any other released in the last decade. It is perfect. Going back to Weirdo Rippers after Nouns blew my mind I realize I was just late to the game. It is almost as good. No Age are set to release their third full length Everything in Between on September 28 via Sub Pop. To say my expectations are high would be understatement of the year.

The band has just released the first bit of music from the album, my impression is still forming but the electronics sound great immediately:

      No Age - Glitter

When I spoke with Dean at SXSW I asked what the first single was going to be and he said “I have no clue, the whole fucking thing sounds like a single.” I love the thought of a poppy No Age. It feels so at odds with what you would expect from the band but from the first time I fell in love with Nouns I said that this band could be our generations Nirvana. They just may be.

The track that immediately hit me at the SXSW show was “Fever Dreaming” which will be track 3 on the album:

      No Age - Fever Dreaming (Live at SXSW 2010)

And for the diehards here is the whole set that I recorded at SXSW. I need help identifying a couple of the tracks. Some of these are still unreleased.

      No Age - Losing Feeling

      No Age - Fever Dreaming

      No Age - You're a Target

      No Age - Teen Creeps

      No Age - ?1

      No Age - ?2

      No Age - ?3

      No Age - ?4

And just for fun here is a rarity:

      No Age - Brett Shultz Himself


  1. Julio says:

    Although I quite largely disagree that they are this generation’s Nirvana, I am interested in seeing what they’ve created for this record. Having tracked their evolution since their first EPs I like that they’re willing to evolve & change. I was not too enthused by Nouns and hope they can recuperate some of their more experimental musings with their new record.

    They’re great guys. Dean won me over last time I saw him because he was spinning “Tube Disasters” by Flux of Punk Indians at a show. EPICPUNKPOINTS.

  2. liquidheaven says:

    They’ll probably never go poppy enough to be Nirvana unfortunately.