Gold Panda – Snow & Taxis

Snow And Taxis from Gold Panda on Vimeo.

If you like Baths you are going to (and likely already do) love Gold Panda.

Here are two from his debut full length “Lucky Shiner”

      Gold Panda - Snow & Taxis

      Gold Panda - Same Dream China

Here are two from his tour only cdr “Unreleased Medical Journal”
Gold Panda – Rush Job (Link removed by request)
Gold Panda – Pt-80 (Link removed by request)

And here are two remixes from last year:

      Ungdomskulen - iDunno (Gold Panda Remix)

      Zero 7 - Everything Up (Zizou) (Gold Panda Remix)


  1. james says:

    hiya, thanks for this epic post. please remove the links to the unreleased medical journal. not cleared at all for posting. thank you.

  2. liquidheaven says:

    Sorry I thought that was a cdr he was passing around freely