One of the things I like about this drag micro-genre is that it is really still being defined. I guess like all genres there is deviation but when I listen to Salem, Creep, Balam Acab or †‡† I don’t really hear the same things going on. It ranges from super aggressive (almost gabba-y, i.e. †‡†, Salem) to really quite pretty (i.e. Balam Acab, Salem) even if it does have a lurking darkness to it.

Gospels are a NYC band that fit into the lighter side of drag (which by the way I think is the version I prefer). It’s almost ambient music paired with drag’s signature 808’s and drum machine hi-hat.

I’m hoping to have some mp3’s to share in the next day or so but until then head over to Gospels’ MySpace and listen to “Red Square” on repeat.