Sleigh Bells & Of Montreal/Janelle Monae Ticket Giveaway

Salt Lake City….

Sleigh Bells are here this Friday 10/22.

Of Montreal are here Monday 10/25.

I have one pair of tickets for each show. Just leave a comment with the show you want to attend and I will pick a winner at random.


  1. Levi Elder says:

    i’ll take my mom

  2. Levi Elder says:

    to sleigh bells

  3. Jeff Nielsen says:

    I’d dearly love to see Ms. Monae tightrope.

  4. J Dizzle says:

    Hey – you introduced me to the awesomeness that is Sleigh Bells.
    I bet you desperately want to share a pair of tickets to the show as well so I can see them in person. right?

  5. Sarah Emily Nelson says:

    I moan for Monae! *GROAN*

  6. Jared Wise says:

    Of Montreal/Janelle Monae

  7. liquidheaven says:

    Jeff Nielsen, what’s your email?

  8. Sarah Emily Nelson says:

    I love Living Ears, Scene Not Heard, Scott Curtis, Of Montreal and Janelle Monae!!