When something great leaks so far in advance…

So, in case you’ve been in an avalanche in the past week you probably know that James Blake’s debut album, James Blake, has leaked (btw, side-note, do you italicize an album or underline? or are both acceptable? Or is it quotes?). I was thinking back to early leaks of yore and realized that Beach House’s Teen Dream leaked in late 2009 and back in 2008 I remember Animal Collective’s “Merriweather Post Pavillion” leaking on Christmas Day. So while this may be just some ‘thing’ and honestly I am not that into Teen Dream as it is but I can’t help but feel like the best album of 2011 leaked this week. And it is a goddamn work of beauty. Nobody has made this album or anything like it. The most comparable artist to Blake is Miles Davis. Davis knew when to let the space seep in. When to hit you with the right note and when to let it scream. Blake has a similar perspective and executes it with a marksman’s aptitude.

Here is a crappy live version but it’s all I can share for now. You know where to look.

I marked the album version of this song with 5 stars right after my first listen. For all of 2010 I have just 8 songs with 5 stars. This one is special.


  1. Alright says:

    Should have quotation marks.

  2. Rachael says:

    Underline and italic are interchangeable (I prefer italics…) and reserved for album titles. Use quotation marks for individual song titles.

    This blog is cool!