Hard Mix – A Winter Mixtape [for LivingEars]

One of my absolute favorite artists/producers to come on the scene in 2010, Hard Mix was kind enough to make this mix for LivingEars. My love affair with Hard Mix started when he dropped “Memories,” but when “Had” came out a few months later it showed a different side to the music, a more emotional side that I really fell in love with. “A Winter Mix” finds Hard Mix exploring the sounds he so effectively creates by showing off some of his favorite artists and tracks. It’s really quite lovely. It’s a soundtrack for letting go and falling deep into the dark sounds of a never-ending Winter.

      Hard Mix - A Winter Mixtape

Tracklist is in the comments.


      Hard Mix - Memories
      Hard Mix - Had
      Hard Mix - Callers


  1. liquidheaven says:

    1. Its the Life – Intakto
    2. Angel Echoes – Four Tet
    3. Double Fifths – Teebs
    4. Gravity – Lusine
    5. A Circular Reeduction – Tycho
    6. All In Forms – Bonobo
    7. Greenland – Emancipator
    8. Start Shootin’ – Little People
    9. Dejame Dormir – Aether
    10. FUSE – Hudson Mohawke
    11. A Close Keeper – Shigeto
    12. Gave Me Love – A.M. Architect
    13. Gold & Stone – Eskmo
    14. Palatial Disappointment – Baths

  2. JP says:

    dude… r you for real!!!

    Insanely good mix!!! wow…