Ritualz (†‡†) Accuses Chino Moreno of Ripping Him Off (via Crosses †††)

According to witch-house producer Ritualz, aka †‡†, Chino Moreno is “fuck(ing) stealing my shit” (via twitter).

Apparently Chino Moreno and former Far guitarist Shaun Lopez are launching a new project tentatively named Crosses (represented as †††). Due to this, Ritualz is “SO FUCKING PISSED RIGHT NOW ” (via twitter).

Do you think Moreno is blatantly ripping off Ritualz and more broadly attempting to capitalize on the underground, emerging witch-house genre?

You be the judge:

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  1. Lulz says:

    Chino and Shaun did not rip off “Ritualz” (Spelled with a Z! How edgy!) First off all, did Ritualz specifically design the cross symbol? Uh, no. Pretty sure they have been around throughout history. Second of all, why would Chino Moreno, lead singer of a chart-topping, Grammy award winning band that regularly plays sold-out concerts around the world, need to steal from a producer no one has ever heard of? Lastly, what does it matter? It’s hilarious that this dude is pissed off at this. If he felt Chino and Shaun ripped off a song, it would be a different story but he’s mad because they are using a cross symbol? Is he pissed off at Odd Future too?

  2. HAHA says:

    looks like the better artist got the crosses. who the fuck is ritualz anyways

  3. padd says:

    if you knew anything about “witch house” you would know ritualz aka †‡† is a major player and producer with thousands of fans. its really epicly lame of this guitarrockbro to steal an actual musician’s creativity

  4. aaron m says:

    i would also like to accuse chino moreno of ripping me off. i dunno what for. getting fat, maybe.

  5. George says:

    I’m sure some Deftone fans came on here to stand up for Chino. I haven’t had a chance to listen to the actual music (some are saying it doesn’t sound anything like witchhouse) but as someone who has an inkling of knowledge about the genre, I find everything about Crosses, from the name using three crosses to the album art, looking like it was very much trying to capitalize on the image of witchhouse. It’s more a matter of jumping on a trend because it looks “cool” but not really understanding the meaning behind it all. Kind of like when Avril Lavigne came out and proclaimed to be a punk.

  6. Beam says:

    El witchhouse está muerto. Who cares.

  7. Beam says:


  8. Lulz says:

    I don’t think I want to know anything about some hipster genre called “Witch House” (Oooh, spooky!)

  9. Lulz says:

    All these Witch House artists use symbols. Aren’t they just ripping off each other? Actually, Prince did it first. Fucking plagiarists.

  10. jason wilson says:

    Anybody that used Lulz as their name is a grade A doucheclam. Or 15-years-old. Or both.

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  12. Lulz says:

    I got the Z idea from Bitchualz.

  13. Lulz says:

    In all honesty, I actually like Ritualz. I checked his music and it was good. It’s just a shame that he has to create fake controversy to garner attention. It’s kind of pathetic.

  14. liquidheaven says:

    I don’t think he necessarily did anything, I was the one who made it sound inflammatory and worse than it actually was. I was being sarcastic. Ritualz music is awesome and he was probably surprised and annoyed to see someone using a name so close to his but once that initial shock ended so did his interest in the subject. Read his twitter yall, he realizes it’s not a big deal. If anything this hopefully sent a few people to check out his music and made him some fans.

  15. Lulz says:

    Actually, he called Chino a fat fuck on twitter (the guy isn’t even fat, by the way). He was being inflammatory for the purpose of promoting himself. Again, when Odd Future came out and put crosses on everything, why did no one accuse them of being Witch House? It’s because their black, right? Racists.

  16. †3> says:

    VOID where prohibited

  17. ___________ says:

    The stuff that Chino and Crosses is putting out sounds nothing like what this Ritualz guy is putting out. It’s like 2 completely different genres. The symbols are similar, but if you go to Ritualz webpage for his music, his cover art isn’t exactly what I would call “extraordinary”: a picture of Lindsey Lohan with some Photoshopped “psychedelic geometry” in the background.
    Chino definitely has more of a right to be using the symbols for it’s not even the same thing as Ritualz…he needs to get the sand out of his vag.

  18. CLS says:

    odd future? may i call your attention to

  19. tf says:

    Foo Fighters’ new album is more witch-house than this 90’s rock with witch imagery. /facepalm. Next time do a Lady GaGa trend cover.

  20. Slainery says:

    I love how Ritualz doesn’t say ANYTHING about The Church of Synth whose logo is more similar to theirs than Crosses’ is.

  21. Clouds says:

    Ritualz is a little boy. He probably doesn’t even know what his cross symbols mean. Besides, his music is getting shittier and more derivative by the day.

  22. Clouds says:

    P.S. I hate to remind Ritualz that he has no rights to the cross symbol. If he had a brain, he would realize it’s been used for centuries. The middle symbol is a Lorraine cross; and was used more recently by Marilyn Manson. To sum, his use of symbols is as original as his music.

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  24. hemp says:

    .Source http://www.noisecreep.com — 2 hours agoFiled under News Getty Images Deftones frontman Chino Moreno has a new cross to bear in life! The fact that we actually like a lot of Deftones songs probably because Chino Moreno is a closeted Cure fan and has been known to lead the not-quite-n-metal band in faithful covers of the Cocteau Twins Jawbox the Smiths and goddamn Duran Duran. While the five free songs below punctuate their titles with Windings like a second wave Salem the only sonic similarities between the side project and yesterday s trend pieces are Moreno s tendency to pepper his melancholic melodies with lean samples and icy synths.

  25. weird says:

    ritualz music is bad ass, and yea i think chino is taking hints of style off the ritrualz producer. hard not too the shit is fresh. i think lady gaga is too, its only a matter of time before it blows up mainstream.

  26. Jakep says:

    I am a fan of ritualz, And i think that whole cross deal is stupid but chino is a stupid bastard to think that he can just be a witch house person, He was already famous, he cant just join something he’s not, He is a fat wetback bastard that needs a babysitter watching his dumbass.

  27. Stupid Mainstream boys says:

    Reasons for Chino steal young creatives ideas.
    1. He has all those stupid titles (grammy blablabla, soldout uhh) that don’t make his music sound better, but helps stupid people to trust they should listen to, therefore, he believes he has power to steal from the new unknown generation.

    2. if he knows about which house, he probably know about Ritualz.

    3. He has so much “responsibility” in being great, but at the same time, being the same in order to be commercially successful that he cannot be creative by himself anymore.

    Solution: he should stop making different versions of deftones, and if he is really interested in the witch movement, he should get together with the new generation of producers, forget the idea of being himself, and making a big effort to create something new in collaboration with the witch house producers. instead of trying to make something lame by himself.

  28. Lulz says:

    None of you can refute what Clouds and I have said and it’s killing you inside.

  29. rhysputin says:

    “He is a fat wetback bastard”? I know, i want everyone to take my opinion as gospel so I’ll just slide a racist term in there. That’ll shut them up. I’d love to run into some of you ‘music’ fans sometime. With a fucking truck.

  30. Clouds says:

    For the record, Ritualz is from Mexico City.

  31. en says:

    you know what? It’s not about witch house at all. You know that.

    It really bugs me sometimes when people always see things negatively. Relating things is natural, but then again it is best to see things from various point of view.

    I personally don’t find this record to be a perfect one, Chino sounds too Dave Gahan-ish. But who cares, he’s doing it for fun, and you all know that he’s not pushing us all to label him as something, moreover, the famous witch house ass. I honestly see no relevant concept in this EP. The idea of the cross logo, the name, the lyrics, they are all .. random to me. You read the lyric, and you know it’s not witch house at all. He’s just being mellow like he always is. He’s basically just hanging around with his neighbour, messing with some gears, and make some music, then share it for free. If being a witch house requires hanging around with neighbour, you should accuse him for being a poser then.

    It does sound very Chino Moreno, back then when he was at Team Sleep, he was doing similar things too, rather dark, moody, semi-electronic, (sometimes) down tempo atmospherical kind of music. And as you can hear, witch house and the man shares pretty much the same taste, they’re both into dark – electronic – drone stuff. After all, it’s just sharing the similar taste and influence. Is that so wrong?

    I also hear some Ritualz stuff, they’re pretty good and I appreciate them a lot. But come on man, skill gets you there, attitude KEEPS you there. If you make good music, people will appreciate it, no matter who you are. And I think you make good music. You don’t have to be afraid to think that it’s you who steals the logo. As for the symbols, oh, dear cross. Everyone keeps stealing cross symbols and re-meaning it into something shitty. You know who should be pissed even more? JESUS.

    Btw, I heard Ritualz are working on Korn remix. I…oh. I better rest this case to whoever witch house devotee out there.

  32. en says:

    Oh. And I still don’t get why they need to replace every T with a cross.
    It’s just, God, a blatant kitsch.

  33. myself says:

    “Stupid mainstream boys” you my friend are a fool. Different versions of Deftones you say? Well as a true musician your constantly trying to improve yourself. Trying new things for the sake of trying them, for the love of music. Musicians that stick to their same “recipe” are boring and have no ambition. They stick to what works. Deftones most loved record was their first, what the hell does that tell you.I personally like them because they sound different every record, but in essence still the same. This Ritualz person might be great for all I know. If he really thinks Chinos stealing anything from him he’s as dumb as you…….ouch for ritualz. You indie fans are all the same, just because its underground it doesn’t make it good music. Wetbacks or not they still have more money than you and they get to play music for people everywhere. So wash that sand out of your chonch, smoke a joint, listen to whatever pleases your cum filled ears, and do some push ups or something.

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