1. Jackie Ladybug says:

    I’d consider it if you and I could correspond a bit before I did so!


  2. Yuri says:

    I’m happy to contribute….let me know how i can help…

  3. Angora says:

    Sigh. This blog encapsulates what being a blogger feels like.

  4. JohnnyQ says:

    I think that if a few people collaborated on this we could make it a pretty sweet blog. I’d love to help out with that.

  5. treehouse says:

    send them to


    no joke this shit is bomb

    all in 320kbps

  6. Ryan says:


  7. liquidheaven says:

    So, it seems like there is some interest. One guy even emailed me but I’ve not gotten back to him yet.

    If there are a couple of people that want to submit posts and whatnot that would be great. It’s tough being one person keeping this going. If you are really interested would you mind emailing me with BLOG WRITER as the subject so that I can weed them out? I get a ton of music spam and such in this inbox so it takes me a bit to get to things. So, obviously, I’d love the help.