Absolut makes a great commercial

In case you missed this when it aired during 60 Minutes this weekend, check out this great new spot from Absolut.

If you hadn’t noticed, dance music has become pop music. Absolut’s agency, TBWA/Chiat/Day, teamed up with Swedish House Mafia. I love this.

While I thought they were announcing another gross, flavored vodka I realize they are simply suggesting the ‘correct’ way to order a grehouynd. The greyhound is one of my favorite drinks but when I’m being picky about vodka I always turn to Ketel One. They do, however, make that drink an alluring color.


  1. jantzie says:

    I’m a grey goose gal myself, and I also love a good grey hound.

    Also, does this look like the salt flats? I like to imagine these hunger games looking people standing around out there. 🙂