Kanye West – Lost in the World (Directed by Ruth Hogben)

I am hoping that this is another piece of the completed My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy film which started with the 35 minute Runaway. This album deserves a visual companion of equal extravagance and grandeur.

What we get is nearly four and a half minutes of a mirrored stage featuring Kanye looking down (and up at the same time), a model doing the same and some connection between beauty, life, death and probably a number of other allusions.

If you need something to do, I recommend putting the album on and digging into the album’s Wiki. It’s really great and contains great insight…

Here is one line I enjoyed:

Music journalist Sean Fennessey compared its thematic structure to that of a Greek tragedy, adding that “things do come crashing down, and […] it’s felled by a woman”.