Souled Out

I’ve been debating whether or not to sell my iPhone 4. I listen to Howard Stern a lot and there is an advertisement offering to buy ‘the latest’ iGadgets for what they make sound like a lot of money. Then you hear them offer $300 for an iMac and you know it’s bogus.

This company offered to pay me a little bit of money if I would talk ‘naturally’ about their site and service. I bit. I check out the site and for my old iPhone 4, they are offering $176. I don’t even have to visit the competition. I am fairly sure this is more than I am going to get anywhere else for an iPhone this old.

So, if you are looking to sell your iDevice and make a little extra $$. Check out and learnhow to sell a phone for $176 in less than 5 days.

Oh, and since I don’t get paid to talk about music, let’s play my favorite new song. As I mentioned on Twitter, “Been waiting for someone to make punk great again. Who knew it would come from Deerhunter? Also digging Milk Music. Where art thou No Age?