LivingEars Podcast Volume Seven

Hot off the press I bring you LivingEars Podcast Volume Seven, the first podcast of 2k9 and the blogoverse is already stuffed with some pretty ridiculously great music… Animal Collective, Beirut, Fever Ray, Wavves, The Pains of Being Pure At Heart… the list goes on.

Playlist is in the comments. There is a little secret stuffed into this one…

  •       LivingEars Podcast Volume Seven

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I kicked up the bitrate on this volume; it’s 192/kbps. This makes the file larger than they have been in the past but should also improve the sound quality. If anyone thinks these files are too big let me know and I can start creating them in low and high quality versions. If you’d prefer/download a 256 file which would be ~200mb let me know that as well . I figure most of my readers are heavy enough into music that the quality is important and should therefore be appreciated. Enjoy!

Artist of the Moment – Animal Collective

It is important to remember that today’s ‘most connected’ music fans use the internet to judge what are the most relevant+progressive bands/brands. In the musicsphere, there are a few key tastemakers of different scales, and most of them have aligned to tell you that Animal Collective is relevant+progressive+transcendent. Keep in mind that the most relevant members of culture exist solely on the internet and can only value what is valued on the internet. Which band/meme/topic generates the most blog posts? Which 1 generates the most comments? Which 1 gets the most praise/transcends snark+hype resentment?
So I’m not sure if this internet-centric praise economy for Animal Collective means that they are ‘bigger’ than I think they are, or if we are just so caught up in what’s happening on the internet that we fail to realize ‘these conceptual bands don’t matter to most people and probably never will.’ So while you are ‘acclaimed’ by the top 0.5% of culturally relevant society, you have to understand that these people are the ones who are too smart to pay for music. [via Hipster Runoff]
  •       Animal Collective - My Girls
  •       Animal Collective - Brother Sport (Live from NPR Concert Series)
  •       Animal Collective x Frankie Knuckles - Your Love My Girls (Mashup)