Peaches / Simian Mobile Disco

I’m not sure if Peaches changed or if what we now call electro changed but Peaches started out as a crazy-ass, sleazy, gender-bending electro pioneer who ended up being refined into a more processed and less abrasive version or herself. The whole vibe got slightly more dumbed down with each release.

That said, there is a killer new Peaches song out there and I hear that it was produced by Simian Mobile Disco. Those dudes are killer so it doesn’t surprise me the song is so good, I hope the rest of her album sounds this good even if it is much more polished than the old school girl I fell in love with back in y2k.

      Peaches - More
(Produced by Simian Mobile Disco)
      Peaches - Fuck the Pain Away

      Peaches - Shake Yer Dix

Also, Peaches is hitting the road. Catch her if you can…. I promise you will never forget it. Ever.