Covers that don’t suck!

I could probably call this a covers playlist seeing that I have a ton of them to share. Just hit play and let it run…

      The Bad Plus - Comfortably Numb
(Pink Floyd Cover)
      Ryan Adams - Times Like These
(Foo Fighters Cover)
      Amanda Palmer - Creep
(Radiohead Cover)
      Port O'Brien - Something in the Way
(Nirvana Cover)
      Daniel Rossen - Too Little Too Late
(Jojo Cover)
      The Kooks - Kids
(MGMT Cover)
      Fall Out Boy - Love Lockdown
(Kanye West Cover)
      Friendly Fires - I'm Good I'm Gone
(Lykke Li Cover)
      NightWaves - In the Air Tonight
(Phil Collins Cover)
      We Have Band - West End Girls
(Pet Shop Boys Cover)
      Starfucker - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
(Cyndi Lauper Cover)
      Katy Perry - Electric Feel
(MGMT Cover)

Vampire Weekend Revisited – Radiohead, Fleetwood, hits!

Vampire Weekend are one of those bands that seemed to explode all at once. Late last year there was a Blue CD-R making the round on blog sites and since then the band has held a certain ubiquity few bands find so quickly. Spin, SNL, Pitchfork,, and many many more pubs quickly threw the band into superstardom. For me it all started back in July of 2007 when Stereogum featured the band on OKX: A Tribute to OK Computer. Their cover of Radiohead’s Exit Music (For A Film) was actually pretty awesome and really who expects a Radiohead cover to be any good? Aside from Prince’s Creep cover from Coachella this year I’m unable to think of a Radiohead cover that meets –let alone exceeds– the original Radiohead awesomeness.

Okay okay maybe I’m over-hyping, in actuality this probably doesn’t add much to the original but it’s cool to have nonetheless.

Another point, Chuck Palahniuk’s book Choke is being made into a film right now, actually I think it’s done. Ok so I looked it up and its set to hit theaters September 26. Anyway, when I first heard that Radiohead were lending a song to the film I assumed (naturally) that it would be Exit Music. As it turns out it will be In Rainbows’ Reckoner and it will in fact close the film. (Exit Music was just too obv?!)

Grab the Radiohead cover, a Fleetwood Mac cover and my favorite VW single which I’m still hearing all the time.

  •       Vampire Weekend - Exit Music (For a Film) (Radiohead Cover)
  •       Vampire Weekend - Everywhere (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
  •       Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma

Thom Yorke & Modeselektor

We’re not ones to just stroke a band’s ego for our own sake (oh who are we kidding, sure we are!) but we recently got our hands on a Modeselektor EP that contains a couple of really great songs. There are only three songs, one of which is an extended version of the song below but this song and the other original track (Godspeed) are pretty sick!

  •       Modeselektor - The White Flash (Ftg. Thom Yorke)

Just for fun let’s throw some other Thom Yorke related goodies out there.
Some of you may know that Radiohead held a remix contest a couple of months ago when they released their single Nude. There were some really good submissions and some were really crappy. Below are two of our favorites as well as an mp3 from Thom’s 2006 solo album. Check out the Hipster Runoff Remix for a good laugh!

  •       Radiohead - Nude (Holy Fuck Remix)
  •       Radiohead - Nude (Hipster Runoff Remix)
  •       Thom Yorke - Harrowdown Hill