Simian Mobile Disco – New Single

Simian Mobile Disco had one of 2007’s most underated albums with Attack Decay Sustain Release. It still sounds as good today as it did back then.

August 17th will see the release of the band’s second studio album, Temporary Pleasure. The first single has just been released and I am s00o not feeling it.

Check it out:

      Simian Mobile Disco - Audacity of Huge

Compare that to one of the better songs from ADSR:

      Simian Mobile Disco - It's The Beat

Or one of the newer songs produced by one of the guys:

      Peaches - More

And just for fun let’s check out a remix they did of a Klaxons song and a remix The Teenagers did of It’s the Beat.

      Klaxons - Magick (SMD Remix)

      Simian Mobile Disco - It's The Beat (Teenagers Remix)

Fingers crossed the rest of the album is better than that single.