A few of my favorites…

Grimes – Skin

Swooning over this song lately.

Kuhrye-oo “Give In (For the Fame)”

I haven’t had a chance to listen to this full EP yet but if it is anything like this, I think we have one of our best new producers on our hands. This is gorgeous.

Death Grips “Hacker”

Still somewhat mixed on this album. It’s half brilliant and half tacky for me. I can’t help but think that if this rapper were white, that we would all be calling ‘hack’ on Death Grips. However, some of these songs are so completely future forward that it blows my mind.

I feel like I’m still unable to connect the dots on the rest of the album but there is no doubt that this band has the potential to start a movement. The good stuff is completely original and truly astounding.

Schoolboy Q “There He Go”

This one speaks for itself…

Ab-Soul – SOPA (ftg. Schoolboy Q)

Ab-Soul dropped “Control System” via iTunes yesterday. It should probably be noted that the album did not leak. That is a feat.

So far I am having trouble getting into the first seven tracks. When this track first came on the beat snapped me out of that funk. I’ve had the album on repeat ever since. It is also worth noting that Schoolboy is so consistent and great right now. The best beat on the album and Q recognizes it.

“Sopa” kicks off the strongest run on the album. Tracks 8-12 are all spectacular.

I’d like to hear Salem remix this track.

Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul will be at Kilby Court in Salt Lake City on Monday.

Kanye West – Lost in the World (Directed by Ruth Hogben)

I am hoping that this is another piece of the completed My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy film which started with the 35 minute Runaway. This album deserves a visual companion of equal extravagance and grandeur.

What we get is nearly four and a half minutes of a mirrored stage featuring Kanye looking down (and up at the same time), a model doing the same and some connection between beauty, life, death and probably a number of other allusions.

If you need something to do, I recommend putting the album on and digging into the album’s Wiki. It’s really great and contains great insight…

Here is one line I enjoyed:

Music journalist Sean Fennessey compared its thematic structure to that of a Greek tragedy, adding that “things do come crashing down, and […] it’s felled by a woman”.