Teams vs. Star Slinger – Close to Me

Back in October I was working on a mix that I never ended up finishing. It was called Raw Mix and featured this track as well as Games, Gala Drop, Neon Canyon, MatthewDavid and a handful of others. This track had expired me to search for french pornos to slice sex sounds and ‘romantic’ speak from. I searched and searched but I had a hard time finding anything French except for that guy from the cooking show on Bravo (not Top Chef) giving anal to some old lady and they weren’t speaking at all.

So, it never happened but I love this track and how well it mimicks The Avalanches and incorporates sex sounds.

Good stuff.

The Weeknd – High for This

High For This from on Vimeo.


Though this isn’t my favorite song from this excellent, free, album, I do think it’s quite good. These visuals, while mostly coming off like the most failed-to-be-understood idea of what a man thinks is sexy does fit the song in a way. It seems as though we are talking about some kinky act that is about to take place –and it is likely to hurt. So I get the sex and the black and white is beatiful I’m just not feeling like this is natural in any way. BUT, when it comes down to it, it’s a good song with sexy girls and worth a couple of minutes. I should mention, this is a fan video and is not official.

Apparently there is some video emerging of what The Weeknd might actually look like but good look ID’ing anyone from this vid:


You can of course download the full EP over at I think my favorite track from the album is the final track, “The Knowing.” Check it and others. If you dig it go get the whole thing for free at their site.

      The Weeknd - High for This

      The Weeknd - What You Need

      The Weeknd - The Knowing

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Yesterday there was a bogus Salem track floating around the net and all that disappointment led me to post this mix which I first came across via Jack’s twitter account. Not sure why it hasn’t been picked up anywhere but if you like some of those super stretched out sounds like you found on previous mix “I BURIED MY HEART INNA WOUNDED KNEE,” then this baby is for you. I love the drone around the 10 min mark and the then the vocals about death are really nice and uplifting as well.


1. all ur trubles is tha same- drag (smashing pumpkins)
2. 4 ur luv- drag
3. predator- drag (women in love)
4. i eat it- drag (lil nico)
5. u- drag (camron)
6. eulogy 2 lenny bruce- drag (nico)
7. fuck- drag
8. yung creem- drag (young cream)
9. forgit about- drag (sibylle baier)
10. sesame street- drag >>> all my frens r fuckd up- drag (swans)
11. sedsumting- drag (oOoOO)
12. mother always here, mother always- drag
13. B.I.T.C.H.- drag (gator mane & bruvr doe)
14. <3 teenage wasteland <3- drag [mp3j track="SALEM - I BURIED MY HEART INNA WOUNDED KNEE@ KNEE.mp3" volslider="y" style="outline"]

Just a Number 05272011 – He Didn’t Want a Love Song

He Didn’t Want A Love Song from just a number 05272011 on Vimeo.

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