Ritualz (†‡†) Accuses Chino Moreno of Ripping Him Off (via Crosses †††)

According to witch-house producer Ritualz, aka †‡†, Chino Moreno is “fuck(ing) stealing my shit” (via twitter).

Apparently Chino Moreno and former Far guitarist Shaun Lopez are launching a new project tentatively named Crosses (represented as †††). Due to this, Ritualz is “SO FUCKING PISSED RIGHT NOW ” (via twitter).

Do you think Moreno is blatantly ripping off Ritualz and more broadly attempting to capitalize on the underground, emerging witch-house genre?

You be the judge:

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One of the more aggressive artists in the drag micro-genre, †‡†, has created a brand new mix for LivingEars (and current it is! Kanye’s Runaway anyone?). You may recall my initial impression of †‡† which mostly centered around the name and the headaches something like that creates.

I had a nice discussion with †‡† about this and I think it was enlightening for both of us. He never realized how difficult it is for people to discuss the project or that the difficulty typing it means no royalties (when someone like me plays it on the radio for example). So, he’s not changing the name just yet but informed me that you can pronounce †‡† as Ritualz.

So, welcome Ritualz. And thanks for this mix.