Tao Lin+Carles : Is This Really What You Want?

[via gvb]

Tao Lin and Carles team up to form ‘Jesus Christ.’ (The Indie Band).

This sounds like a second rate Teenagers. A song that starts well enough but ends up dragging/repeating itself for far to long. Let’s hope the rest of this ep is more meaningful and authentic.

Tao Lin tells us, ‘The EP is a soundscape journey through the challenges of a modern relationship.’

      'jesus christ.' (the indie band) - is this really what you want?

From their ‘official press blurb’: ‘Jesus Christ.’ (the indie band)’s tentatively titled Is This Really What You Want? EP is ‘slated’ for a Fall release. The two childhood friends spent 1 month recording the EP in Tao’s studio apartment. It will be available digitally, physically, and emotionally.'”