Creep – Days

I certainly understand wanting to make money off your work. I even understand wanting final say over released product but when the video for “Days” leaked a few weeks back the band scrambled to contact the few sites (and youtube) that had posted an early cut of the video. It needed some post-production to tighten it up but the concept is not going to change. It was an early preview for fans who cared. But the band went on the offensive and asked me to pull my post. I kind of find that lame. I find it lame that I complied as well. I am essentially a music journalist and isn’t it our job to cover whatever is happening as it is happening?

Anyhow, here is the song.

CREEP / Days by Young Turks

Scene Not Heard 02.20.10

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Kind of all over the musical landscape this week…
You can listen to a replay of the show whenever you would like for the next two weeks right here.

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Scene Not Heard 02.20.10 Playlist

      Girls - End of the World (Skeeter Davis Cover)

      Sharon Van Etten - Love More

Joanna Newsom – ’81
      Yuck - Automatic

Morning Benders – Pleasure Sighs
      Vacation Dad - Hemp Scented Body Lotion

      Fiveng - Jonah

      Boneless - Treetops (ftg. I Am the Dot)

      Flight - Over My Head

      Flight - Johnny's Mixed Up

Fungi Girls – Crystal Roads
      No Age - N.G.F.S.
(Daytrotter Session)
      Japandroids - Art Czars

      Zola Jesus - Night

      The xx - Islands (Delorean Remix)

      The xx - Insects (Rodaidh Mix)

      Baghdaddy - Hot Shit (Creep Remix)

      Coyote Clean Up - Lackadaisical Luv xxx fu 2 (Fur Remix)

      Major Lazer - Cashflow (Subskrpt Remix)

J Dilla & Nas – Thief’s Theme
J Dilla & Nas – Made You Look


Slowly getting details about this new project made up of two females from Brooklyn going by the name of Creep…

They are Lauren Dillard + Lauren Flax and up until today I had only heard the 63 second slice of music on the duo’s MySpace. I asked when we will get to hear some additional music and here are the details from LFlax:

2 new original songs will be up in the next coming weeks to our myspace with Romy from the xx singing.
Set to release on TriAngle records (Kompakt’s sublabel) in the spring time.

**Update 02.19.10**
Robin from 20 Jazz Funk Greats just sent an email clarifying the label situation…
this is robin from tri angle. just wanted to make a few things clear in relation to the post you wrote about creep, as you have been slightly misinformed. tri angle is not a sublabel of kompakt, it is merely being distributed by kompakt, so if you could make that change that would be appreciated because it’s quite important to me. to be honest nothing was supposed to have been said about the project at this point in time, so i’m a little thrown off by everything that has taken place over the last day..

I am excited to hear what Romy will sound like over the top of some dark+glitchy sounds such as these.

They just sent this remix.

      Baghdaddy - Hot Shit (Creep Remix)